I bought NeinGrenze 5000T, a digital toy camera with tilt lens.

It arrived!

The package looks like this.

I put my hands on it.

It looks like this from the front. It is small enough to fit in your hand.

This strange looking lens is a distinctive characteristic of this camera.
To learn more, please search "tilt lens".

The buttons and screen look like this.

Actually shot with it.

I visited a house with Japanese garden to shoot some pictures.

Through the corridor...

up on the second floor...

Shooting overlooking the garden.

This is a photo taken with normal digital camera.

This one is taken with NeinGrenze 5000T.

It almost looks like a miniature scenery.

It has an effect unique to toy cameras, brighter center with darker edge.

The color is vivid.

This one captures the house.

To take miniature effect photos, it requires some practice and certain conditions.

12 at random.